What we do

Know Our Customers

With over 50 years experience in servicing the construction industry in Ireland both North and South we are proud of our commitment to ‘getting it right’ for our customers. Supplying the best equipment in timely fashion with knowledge and experience refined over time, Ridgeway Site Products enables you to keep your construction project on track.

Understand Your Needs in Detail

Responding to customer needs with our ever-growing product range we are proud to serve a high risk high energy construction sector. To do that we pay attention to new practice and product development and ensure that all the site products we supply fulfil the needs of our customers and the wider industry.

Meet Your Needs

We are a dynamic and innovative company with an unrivalled range of solutions for construction projects. Our staff have decades of experience and practical industry approved solutions at hand. These values are our starting point and set the standard for how we operate.


Ridgeway’s legendary Breakfast Morning is a great opportunity to meet the team and talk a little about the company.

Ridgeway Train

As part of our commitment to safe practices and the protection of the workforce in the construction industry we have expanded our range of professionally accredited training courses. These can now be booked online.

We are proud to provide training for some of the best construction workers in the country. Keeping them and our industry safe.

Professional TRAINING


The Site Products team at Ridgeway has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the construction industry.

They provide the highest quality safety and professional guidance to the best and most cost effective equipment available.