COMBISAFE SkyReach Anchor

The SkyReach Anchor is a lightweight and CE-certified overhead anchor device. It is designed to be installed, used and manoeuvred by one person. The Sky Reach Anchor helps to prevent falls from heights.

A SkyReach Anchor is perfect for anyone working on a leading edge or installing decking for horizontal formwork. It has no trailing cables or wires. With an operating radius of 8.5m the Sky Reach Anchor gives access to a surface area close to 230m2 when used with a 6.2m retractable fall arrest block and harness extension.

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The COMBISAFE SkyReach Anchor has a horizontal boom of 2m. The SkyReach Anchor is intuitive, easy to use, quick to install and removes the need for cranes. In addition, when used with either the Steel Flange Clamp or the COMBISAFE Loading System Base the unit can be used for the safe loading and unloading of vehicles on site or in yards.

Compliant to EN795:2012 Type B and Certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH, the SkyReach Anchor delivers a superior overhead anchor point for personal fall protection equipment.


  • Can be carried and installed by hand by one person without the use of a crane
  • Folds in seconds for relocation, crane access and storage
  • Good all-round visibility, including for crane operatives


  • A lightweight anchor (25kg) with slip resistant finish that can be installed without the need for expensive crane time
  • Fully compliant to EN795:2012 Type B and CE certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH.*
  • Delivers an operating radius of 8.5m • Gives access to a working surface area close to 230m2
  • Option of two attachments; the cast-in socket for use with concrete structures when decking formwork, or the Steel Flange Clamp for use as a fall arrest system when loading and unloading vehicles next to a steel structure
  • Complaint to EN795:2012 Type E and CE certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH when used with the COMBISAFE Loading System MkII for the loading and unloading of vehicles on site or in yards
  • The overhead anchor reduces swing fall hazards and removes trip hazards from cables, wires or ropes
  • Foldable boom and brace locks into position in seconds using the attached Lock Pin
  • Reflective tapes on booms gives good visibility for crane operatives
  • Integral Endless Webbing Sling for lifting by crane if needed

COMBISAFE Loading System MkII including SkyReach Anchor


COMBISAFE SkyReach Anchor Brochure