Ridgefence Acoustic Barriers

Ridgefence Acoustic Barriers are the most efficient Acoustic Barriers in the market to control noise pollution. In their unique design the barrier absorbs the sound instead of bouncing the sound back to the direction it came from. Sound is simply a pressure wave in air travelling at 344 m/sec, the greater the pressure the greater the perceived loudness. The normal unit used to measure sound pressure levels is the decibel (dB).

Our barrier has the effect of conversion of sound energy to heat energy. This is achieved using open cellular materials, whereby the passage of sound is impeded by friction and the energy is dispersed.

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  • Sound absorbing product
  • Up to 30 dB of noise reduction
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Independent testing has shown that Ridgefence Acoustic Barriers can deliver up to 30dB noise reduction. They are ideal for city centre construction sites, scaffolding sites and rail and roadside works. Fitting our specially developed sound absorbing barrier couldn’t be simpler, attaching quickly and easily onto any mesh panelling.

Ridgeway Acoustic Barriers Brochure


Ridgefence Acoustic Barriers are available in the industry standard 2000mm x 1200mm panel. Bespoke sizes and corporate branding available upon request.

How they work

Ridgefence Acoustic Barriers have been developed using a composite of fibres that both absorbs and controls noise. When noise is generated on site the barriers membrane will absorb and reduce the degree of noise pollution.

What they are made from

Ridgefence Acoustic Barriers are made from Polyester Fibre. The Lamspro Polyester Fibre has excellent sound absorbing properties.