RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier


The Ridgeway RB2000 Barrier System offers complete road and site safety. They are a 1 metre high heavy duty low level containment barrier system, compatible with most of the RB systems. The RB2000 road barrier system can be weighted to 400gk when water filled. This creates a solid flat walled secure system. They can be fitted with RB2000 Security fencing panels or RB2000 hoarding to fully secure your site or compound.

Their patented 5 position interlocking system allows the barriers to flow around corners or uneven surfaces. Anti-climb and hoarding panels can be added for extra safety and security.

Front and end stops are available to prevent trip hazards.

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The RB2000 heavy duty barriers are able to offer a 1.2-metre panel to give you a 2-metre safety and security system ideal for deep excavation and hazardous sites and been crash tested or have a heavy-duty system forming the base.

All the panels are produced from galvanised tube for added longevity. They are powder coated to allow for a highly visible system. The panels are fully stackable and deployed with ease requiring no heavy lifting machinery.

MIRA Wind Speed Test Results

3 x RB2000 Barriers (water filled to fill line) withstood wind speeds of up to 71 mph. No barrier failed at the given speed.

RB2000 Mesh and Hoarding Panels

For added safety and security to the RB2000 Heavy Duty Barrier System there are anti-climb mesh and hoarding panels available. These can be securely fitted to the separator barrier. The upper panels are connected using a standard fence coupler.


RB2000 Barrier


Correct Use of RB2000 Barrier


RB2000 Security Panels


RB2000 Data Sheet



RB2000 Specifications


Length: 2000mm

Width: 400mm

Height: 1000mm