The Evorail system provides permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix though the roofing membrane or roof structure, and provides full protection where access is required for public use, maintenance, or emergency purposes.

The Evorail has an aesthetically pleasing, unique, design which makes it the preferred system of choice for all fall protection situations. Available fully colour coordinated, and now incorporating the new sleek weight and easy fit foot.

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Ridgeway’s Evo Safety Solutions continue to lead the way with industry leading innovations to our Evorail System. It is years ahead of “make do” scaffolding systems in appearance, and faster to install per meter than any other system on the market.

The strength, stability, and safety of Evorail is derived from our researched cantilever principal, which has engineered the need to drill and puncture the roof membrane out of the installation process. This avoids noise disturbance during installation and potential penetrative water damaged.


All of the system screw fixings are grade A2 stainless steel, the posts and rails have an extra smooth galvanised finish (EN ISO 1461) and ecofriendly re-cycled weights. Evorail has a minimum lifespan of at least 25yrs as a maintenance free system.

Ease of installation with modular components
The system consists of galvanized pre-assembled uprights, 2.5mt rails and our slide on weight. The 2.5mt hand and knee rails are connected with the Evorail Eazy clamp upright, which is fast, straightforward and easily adjustable to provide that perfect level finish. With no requirement for drilling, the system is easily mounted on any platform.

Evorail can be used in conjunction with our roof walkway products to provide the complete solution to roof access requirements. We can also incorporate, ladders, walkovers and access gates to the installation, these are all manufactured in house to ensure total integration.

All freestanding guardrails should be tested and designed to Temporary Edge Protection EN 13374. Our systems all fully comply with these regulations.

Evorail Brochure


Evorail Standard Installation Guide


Evorail Standard O&M Manual


Galvanised Life Expectancy


Standard Radius Test Cert