CantiDeck Super Roller

The CantiDeck is a temporary loading platform which extends from a building structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building.

The CantiDeck Super Roller is a rolling loading platform which can be fully retracted within the building edge when not in use.

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Multiple Platforms – Multiple platforms can be installed in a stacked configuration, meaning there is a no downtime relocating platforms between floors. The CantiDeck Super Roller also allows a reduction of dynamic loadings in high winds.

Single Prop – The CantiDeck Super Rollers unique single prop design reduces both the weight of the decks and the reaction loading to the structure.

Cantideck System

Efficient – The CantiDeck system is the fastest loading bay for relocation and installation, with a high working load limit capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials, equipment and pre-fabricated sections, increasing the efficiency of vertical movements.

Safe – Safe access for working at height, the CantiDeck offers a safe method of loading materials. Onsite training enables site operatives to relocate the platforms safely when required.

Cost Savings – Overall project times can be reduced with this system.


Ridgeway CantiDeck Brochure


CantiDeck Configurations


CantiDeck Fixed Flush Table